2018 Women’s Basketball Reunion

2018 Women's Basketball Reunion

The Louisville Male High School Alumni Association hosted it’s 1st Annual Alumni Basketball Reunion on Friday February 9. The ladies enjoyed a reception in the Alumni Room and then watched the Lady Bulldogs defeat the Ballard Bruins. At halftime the ladies were recognized and brought out to center court.

The following ladies were welcomed home: Jenny Lincoln Pike ’96 (leading scorer in Women’s Basketball at Male with 1598 Points), Sharonda O’Bannon Morton ’87 (2nd leading scorer in Women’s Basketball at Male with 1580 Points), Rickie Brooks ’69, Gina Henderson Stone ’84, Michelle Wheatley Fries ’85, Terri Morgan Kolter ’89, Shawnda Styles ’91, Toni Carver Smith ’91, Rene Masden Jett ’93, Jessica Holman ’94, Kendria Braxton Rice Lockett ’94, Kim Newman Certa ’97, Jessica Long Clark ’97, Melissa Bakken ’98, Jamil Shanklin Bross ’98, Sharell Snarson 2002, Candace Mosby ‘2009 and Coach Von Macklin