Life After Male Speakers Bureau

Life After Male Speakers Bureau

Louisville Male hosted their Life After Male Speakers Bureau on Friday November 10.

Louisville Male High School Alumni Association invited back 65 Male graduates from across the U.S. to share their story on the following topics. The topics are:

1) What is Male? 2) How were you involved at Male? 3) How did Male prepare you for the next step? 4) What was your next step? 5) What did you do career wise?

These alumni had 45 minutes to share their story in the classrooms. After speaking, the 65 Alumni were invited to the small gym for a brunch with class officers, yearbook staff and newspaper staff. This proved a great day to showcase some of our finest graduates. This will be a yearly event for our students and graduates.

Some of the graduates who spoke are: Myron Resnick ’49, George Mercker ’50, Buddy Berthold ’53, Albin Hayes ’53, Jane Younger ’61, James “Bill” Holmes ’61, Terry Atchison ’63, Earl Long ’63, Walter Oyster ’63, Charlene Hampton Holloway ’65, Janice Bishop Carter ’67, Rev. Marcia Cole Morton ’74, Dr. Stephen Spanbauer ’83, Michael Clevenger ’84, David Riggs ’85, Brad Beanblosson ’86, Dr. Greg Purvis ’87, Sharonda O’Bannon Morton ’87, Garrett Page ’87, Aaron Flaker ’90, Jennifer Schwartz Scutchfield ’91, Edwin Atchley ’91, Steffany Huckaby ’93, Mark Miller ’95, Michael Newman ’95, Dr. Shalonda Gregory ’97, Marcus Green 01, R. Ted Boehm & Joe Burks, Jr. and many more.

If you want to be added to the list for future speaking opportunities, please contact the alumni office at 502-313-3099.